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How No Arc Device Influence the Automotive Field

How No Arc Device Influence the Automotive Field

2017-08-11 14:41

Due to the fact that DC does not have zero point, the arc is large when the load breaks, the mechanical switch (relay, etc.) can not effectively and reliably break, currently in most of the automotive electronic control systems use 12 v dc power supply, it has the following disadvantages:
1, Large line loss, thick wire, high cost;
2, Over-current withstanding requirements of the connector is high, the temperature rise is high, easy firing.
3, Mixed or a car with a rear wheel steering (usually 48V battery), or blade electric vehicles need to use two independent battery-powered, high cost, large volume.
When use no-arc device, the mechanical switch can realize the no arc breaking of the load, automotive electronic control system can use 48V or above 48V DC power supply, now take using 48 V power supply as an example, it has the following advantages compared the 12V power supply system:
1, The working current is 1/4 of the original, copper wire can be reduced by 80%, lower car manufacturing costs, lighter weight
2, Connectors over-current withstanding value need to be only 1/4 of original, the temperature rise is lower, more safe
3, no need multiple battery for power supply, lower cost, smaller size and weight.

In summary, the use of no arc device can reduce the car weight, is help to improve handling, to make it more economical, more safe, and more energy-efficient.

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