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Beijing "2017 Asia New Energy Vehicle Technology Summit" ended successfully

Beijing "2017 Asia New Energy Vehicle Technology Summit" ended successfully

2017-11-13 15:59

Beijing in November 2017 is full of autumn.

On November 9-10, the 2017 Asia New Energy Vehicle Technology Summit was grandly held at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Beijing. Hundreds of OEMs and component manufacturers from all over the world discussed the key technologies of automobile development with the theme of "Electrification, Intelligent Networking and Lightweight".

Guangzhou Jinya Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in this event. General Manager Guo Qiaishi gave a keynote speech on "DC Arc Extinguishing Technology", and grandly launched the world's first active electronic arc extinguishing device KS-AEE series products. The tailor-made solution "AAE-UNIT" for new energy vehicles has aroused the strong interest and attention of the guests.


AAE series products are active electronic arc extinguishing devices, which are used to meet the arc extinguishing needs of mechanical switches such as relays, circuit breakers, and push button switches. They can suppress arcs or reduce arcing time, and greatly improve the electrical life and current breaking force of mechanical switches. And rated working voltage, reduce maintenance, widely used in new energy vehicles, rail transit, ships, automation control and other fields, a safe and green product.

AAE's solution for new energy vehicles, KS-AMU, performs arc detection, arc extinguishing, protection, fault information recording and other operations on the opening and closing of switches, connectors, fuse links, wires and other components of the vehicle, so that the switches can be electrically The service life reaches the service life of the car, overcomes the risk of spontaneous combustion caused by the arc, improves reliability and safety, and can also reduce the number of high-voltage relays used and reduce costs.

Through this meeting, it marks that the original patented technology of Guangzhou Jinya Electronics has officially entered the field of new energy vehicles, and will continue to inject new creativity into the field of new energy.

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